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Faith for Fern: Pain Warrior Fern Kwantes

October 9, 2010

You can visit a website set up by Fern’s wonderful warrior Sister Faith called FAITH FOR FERN . You can also visit Facebook and read updates from Fern and Family at FAITH FOR FERN FACEBOOK PAGE

From what I can tell from reading all about Fern, she did do the Ketamine Coma in Mexico with Dr. Cantu on Sept. 13, 2009. She was kept in the coma for several days longer than usual because her throat was too inflamed (from the breathing respirator.) to be able to breathe on her own. On September 25th, She was brought out of coma and the next day moved out of Intensive care because she was doing so well. On Sept. 27th. they were reporting that She was RSD Pain Free. It’s important to mention that Ketamine boosters at certain intervals are still needed as a reinforcement Coma.

Oct. 29th, 2009 – A week behind in getting her Ketamine booster but was able to get one from her Specialist in British Columbia. Pain starting to creep back but still better than She was. Doing pool therapy and has better movement in her limbs.

Dec. 19th, 2009 – Having trouble getting Ketamine boosters in Canada and will have to go back to Monterrey, USA. to receive catch up boosters. Pain level too high and needs to be addressed.

Jan. 28th, 2010 – Fern Writes:  Making it Clearer –  (from her Facebook page)

CRPS is an often misunderstood problem. It has many faces and sufferers stories vary. To date, there is no known cure. However, Ketamine is showing promise. Currently studied in various strengths in different countries. Personally, a big enemy was Allodynia (super sensitivity to touch). When I…awoke from the coma, the first thing I realized was that I could handle the sheets on my body! This was profound for me and my family. Another of my symptoms was a real chilliness in my extremities. post coma showed this had improved as well as the colour, swelling, and shininess of my skin. This is the reason my husband wrote that I was into remission, though in fact, I was not quite there yet I was in a great deal of pain and very weak from the treatment itself but the CRPS symptoms that were plaguing me were definitely much quieter and manageable.

Boosters are a very important part of the follow up. They are what is used to retrain the nervous system.  If the boosters can happen often enough that the pain never gets out …of control, then the hope is that a new language will be learned and a patient will indeed go into remission. I can no longer get my boosters locally. Boosters may be needed for up to two years or more in some cases.  I liken the increase in my pain to that of a wild fire. It slowly smolders but before you know it, it has taken off and engulfed the area requiring much more drastic measures to resist its forward movement. This is why I continue to look at alternatives, and to look at traveling back to Mexico for more treatments. I have felt great benefit from this treatment but to date it doesn’t have a long lasting effect.

I am no longer in a wheelchair, except on occasions. I am still doing water therapy which is more range of motion. As the need …for a booster draws closer my symptoms heighten. The point will have to come where I will have to decide if this is the best it can be, but for now, it is too early to say whether things have been a success or failure. I am striving to continue with the program despite the extra travel now needed. I ask you to understand that this is not an exact science. When things are good, they are really good and when things are bad they can be pretty bad. I am hopeful the yo -yo will swing less and less. A good percentage of the patients have benefited from this regimen and I have seen the improvements (though shorter lived) in my own body following the treatment. I have had this problem for years, it is doubtful it will make a hasty  retreat from my body just because I want it to. 🙂

Hope that makes things clear to you all and explains why I am heading down to Monterrey once again. I hope it also explains a little about what this is all about and how it is so …difficult to measure right away. Patience and perseverance is a common thread in this study. I ask for yours as well as your prayers and will do my best to keep you posted.        Fern

Please Visit Fern’s website link above and her Facebook page for more updates.  She still needs donations for ongoing treatment and there is a link to write to Government Officials to make them understand the need for Ketamine use in the treatment of RSD / CRPS in Canada.  Also on Fern’s facebook I read that Faith has written a book regarding how to fundraise.  You can get yourself a copy by writing Faith at

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