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TREATMENT / RESEARCH RESOURCE for you and your Doctor

October 16, 2010

One of the reasons I started this site was because I was very frustrated with the treatment of this disease named Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). I do have to say that my brother’s General Practitioner is wonderful with keeping him on an acceptable level of pain medication. He’s also wonderful in helping us battle the evils of Disability Insurance. As well, he’s great at monitoring Scott’s condition noting, muscle atrophy and the like but that’s all he can do. The rest is left up to Scott’s Pain Specialist who is wonderful in the fact that she has diagnosed him. She’s also kept up with the Canadian treatment protocols of nerve blocks and medication. BUT She’s one Doctor treating hundreds of pain patients and the appointments are too far apart for my liking. Plus, I worry that all this information is not correlated enough between the different medical professionals. Where is all the research and innovation happening? Exciting news, I’ve found something.

Painclinician is a website that is dedicated to sharing resources, exchanging ideas and debating issues in the pain treating community. Just tell your Doctor to search CRPS (remember this is the most used “medical” title for this disease) and there is a wealth of new research, video updates to help in our fight.

Also for you, the sufferer, family member, or caregiver, click on the resource link and use the printouts along with your treatment provider.

I haven’t watched all the videos yet BUT I will and so should you. Become your own “Expert” in the fight against RSD / CRPS. There are too many Doctors that have never heard of this disease. It’s up to us to help educate and spread the word.

Off to watch some videos now … keep up the fight 🙂

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