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PAIN WARRIOR: Mimi Hoppe – Girl Vs. CRPS

December 22, 2010

While it’s my brother who has RSD / CRPS, as with any disease, the whole family is affected.  The lives of my two young nieces especially have changed.  Their once active father can’t “play” with them in the same way he used too;  Dad biking with them has been modified to my brother walking behind them while they zip back and forth.  Chasing them becomes quickly grabbing their giggly selves as they run by.  You could say that,  all in all they have “adapted” to this new way of life but it’s hard to adapt to your father, out of the blue, on his knees battling a pain flare.  It’s at those times I see those glimpses of fear or confusion in their eyes.

The other day on my search for news regarding RSD / CRPS, I found a video by Mimi Hoppe.  Mimi is 10 years old and has RSD / CRPS.  She has made an awareness video introducing  her pain management team at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.  It’s a great video that highlights physiotherapy, desensitization  techniques not to mention the bubbly and inspirational Pain Warrior, Mimi Hoppe.

When I played this video for my nieces they were spellbound.  Here was, not only another person with RSD / CRPS but a young girl, like themselves.  As the video played, they asked me, “What are they doing to Mimi?”  I explained that the Hospital was trying different things to try to stop her pain or bring it to “more comfortable” level.   For the first time it seemed I saw a glimmer of hope and understanding in their eyes.  Other people had this disease, not only their Dad and there were lots of people working to stop the pain their Dad felt.  I believe there is a comfort in “knowing”.  If you have children, think about introducing them to Mimi Hoppe.


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  1. Mimi Hoppe permalink
    December 28, 2010 8:09 pm

    First of all I am honored that you watched my video and was inspired by it. I would also like to say that I am very sorry that one of your loved ones has CRPS/RSD.I hope he makes a full recovery very soon.

  2. Wendy permalink
    February 26, 2011 3:21 pm

    Hi all I know what my cousin Scott is going through as my husband Tommy is going through the same disease. It is very hard on a family and a marriage but we are in it for the long run. Tommy and I and his family have gone through a lot with this disease. It plays on you mentally so much. Right now things seem to be ok I think we have come to terms with it. We see a psychologist once a month and believe me that has helped us a lot. I feel it has made our marriage stronger. But sometimes at work I do wonder it Tommy will still be there when I get home . This disease can play on your mind if you let it.

    Just thought I would thank my special cousin Annette for creating this website it is very helpful and now that I know about I will keep checking up on it. Just remember family and friends mean everything.

  3. Tatum permalink
    June 8, 2011 1:17 am

    Thanks for sharing your video, it’s nice to see a kid my age coping with CRPS. I also have CRPS in my left leg. I hope to start the same program you did at Stanford soon.
    Tatum (age 11)

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