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Pain Has a Voice: Their Words

During my research and information gathering sessions, I have come across many powerful opinions/conversations about CRPS/RSD. Although the following quotes are taken out of context, I’m sure you will see why they touched/taught me something in some way. I will be adding many more “voices” to this page as I go along. When I can I will add the authors ID. Remember, you are not alone.

“I have lived with CRPS for 4 years now, it has generalised and doesn’t respond to any ttreatment. The last resort is the ketamine coma, but I can’t put my family through that right now. Your excellent video has put much of what I feel into words. I wish you peace and relief.” (motoryachtkarilla )

“Life changed with a bang..i fell from my 4th floor to the concrete below..i broke my back twice,both wrists shattered and still being rebuilt 3yrs later(the fools!!), broke left hip have a drop foot(luckily not both).i suffer from severe CP.and can so relate to your feelings,i may have to borrow yr words to explain to others.i watch people run and jump and so miss it..lyrica600mg,dyfene150mg and a fentanyl patch.. and still have this shit!!be strong!life is shite!and unfair,good luck. (roobs69)

“Thank God you’re getting help!! Many suffer needlessly. I feel about opiates for Chronic pain sufferers the way i feel about justice. I’d rather have a 1000 guilty men go free than one innocent man be in prison! I’d rather have a 1000 people who lie about it get the meds just so that one person honestly in pain can get the treatment they need.” youandmetube27

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